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Absolutely Blissful

5.0 out of 5 stars Absolutely Blissful

By tia_larrissa on November 3, 2016

I am so pleasantly surprised with this oil! I have had a hard time finding a moisturizer for my combination skin, but this has been amazing! I purchased this in the beginning of October and wanted to wait to post a review until I saw the effects on my skin. The oil is so light (I only use one half squirt) and it covers my entire face. I hardly notice I put it on after a few minutes. After the first couple applications my face was greasy, but not nearly like using the lotion most cosmetic brands put out there. Now my skin has evened out, most of the redness has left my dried cheeks and I no longer have Whiteheads/closed Comedones. I also received this package within 2 business days as I had expected.

Thank you, Bliss of Greece. It has really been blissful to try your product. Also, this review was not written for compensation of any kind, I am genuinely happy to share this product.


5.0 out of 5 stars BINGO!

By C. Ryan on May 2, 2017

I have aging dry skin ('I'm 61) and there's not enough regular moisturizer to combat it. I found that by applying a natural oil underneath my regular moisturizer helps a lot to keep my face in that dewy glow all day. But the search for the right oil - one that didn't clog pores, with NATURAL oils without additional crap in it, wasn't easy. Then I my search somehow led me to Greek Bliss. BINGO! All of the ingredients (especially olive oil) have been proven to help with any kind of skin condition and hair for that matter. Grape seed is a good ingredient too. My make-up no longer ends up cakey either. Point being, all these ingredients by far are the very best for your skin and hair. Look no further...this is the oil you want.

Yes, Yes, Yes!

5.0 out of 5 stars Yes, Yes, Yes

By MzJones on September 22, 2016

I absolutely love this product.. it is exactly what I wanted/needed for my skin and nails. Unfortunately I was blessed with the nail fungus after going to get a manicure at the nail spot that I've been visiting form about two or three years faithfully. Ladies it was to the point where my nail bed was bleeding and black and falling apart. Yes I did go to the doctor and I got the necessary treatment but I still needed to nourish my skin and my nailbed and wanted to start the regrowth process these oils are perfect and nourishes my skin it's too much or too little it is exact. A friend of mine who's in the hospital is using my bottle so I decided to let him keep it in order myself one or two moregive it a shot it's worth it